Born in Cape Town, the motorcycle bug bit early, and by age 7 I was terrorising the neighbourhood on a 50cc minibike. Once bitten, this passion never really dies, the motorcycles just get bigger and more expensive.

My father was a mechanical engineer, and passionate about restoring and fixing motorcycles, so it was not long before I was spending weekends in the garage at home fixing motorcycles.

In 43 years of motorcycling I have ridden nearly all there is to ride, and have been privileged to own 32 different models of motorcycles over the years. In addition to enjoying and riding the latest technology available, I am also a vintage motorcycle enthusiast and own 12 older motorcycles.

In the 90’s when motorcycle manufacturers started producing motorcycles specifically targeted  at off-road touring, my riding mates and myself soon realised we were living in a country ideally suited to this new sport of adventure riding.

The freedom to be able to ride your motorcycle as well as visit stunning locations off the beaten track, had us well and truly hooked. Very soon every weekend was spent exploring new routes and destinations. The extensive network of paved and unpaved roads, stunning scenery and unbeatable hospitality makes SA adventure riding heaven.

In 2015 I was fortunate enough to do a motorcycle trip in Argentina, where our group were spectators at the Dakar Rally.

Over the years of planning and riding adventure trips with people of varying skills levels and interests, I have learnt what is needed to make every trip memorable.

Keeping everyone safe and happy is a combination of scenic routes, manageable terrain and appropriate distances .Good accommodation and hospitality after a days riding is also essential. This is especially true when visiting a foreign country, as no one wants an injury on holiday, or to miss any attractions on route.