Exactly a year ago I was asked to put together a custom 19 day motorcycle adventure tour including South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia. While putting together custom tours is usually quite easy, getting suitable accommodation and information on road conditions in some African countries can be challenging. As the word spread about our intended

While many motorcycles come equipped with toolkits, these are generally quite basic, requiring anybody intending to do a long trip to assemble their own. The challenge with carrying anything on motorcycles is always space and weight, and this applies to toolkits as well. What to carry in your toolkit depends on a number of factors,

While we have done numerous trips through the Karoo in South Africa, there are always new roads and places to ride to and discover. While the internet can be a great source of information, before taking any of our clients to new places it is essential to have ridden the roads and stayed at the

Knysna has always been known as South Africa’s favourite holiday town due to the natural beauty of the area, but lately it has also gained a reputation as being a mecca for classic car collectors and motorsport, with the Simola Hill Climb being a highlight for many fans. The fantastic dirt and paved roads also

First of all I think its important to establish a point of reference for my opinions, as all riders come from differing riding backgrounds with different expectations for a particular bike. While not being brand loyal to the point of excluding any brand, as I believe they each have their strengths and particular place in